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Blowfish makes blockchain fun.

A gamifying token with NFT DApps, deflationary lotteries, and DApp as a Service!

Set a slippage of .5% or less on PancakeSwapV1 or Bogged
Powered By Binance Smart Chain

Project Features

Millionaire Makers

Millionaire Makers

Lottery that runs on BSC Blockchain.
Offered as a service!

Crypto Puffs

Crypto Puffs

Collect NFT’s born from loot crates that are gained by staking Blowfish-BNB.

Charity Goals

Charity Goals

User-submitted BlowFish artwork NFT’s auctioned for ocean cleanup charities.

Millionaire Makers


No Transaction Fee. We’re a liquid token for utility.




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Millionaire Makers

Fair on-chain Lottery. DApp as a Service.

  • The BlowFish team is officially offering Lottery as a Service! We'll host a lottery DApp for your BSC or ETH token.
  • Provides fair odds. Incentivizes liquidity locking and token burns.
  • Integrated with BogTools’ RNG Oracle to obtain verifiably random numbers.
Millionaire Makers

Crypto Puffs

Bringing together DeFi and NFT’s.

  • CryptoPuffs are cute collectible NFT’s. Puffs have an assortment of features; some are rarer than others!
  • CryptoPuffs are born from loot crates. Crates can be opened by staking BlowFish tokens or liquidity for a 1-8 week lockup period.
Millionaire Makers

Clean Our Oceans

NFT auctions for user-submitted BlowFish artwork to raise funds for an ocean cleanup charity.

Millionaire Makers
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Even-time trigger oracles brings full automation to our DApps.



  • Presale
  • Launch on PancakeSwap


  • CoinMarketCap / CoinGecko / LiveCoinWatch listings
  • Launch Millionaire Makers DApp
    • Build smart contract
    • Build front end
  • Launch CryptoPuffs NFT’s
    • Build smart contract
    • Build front end
    • Build art
  • Launch CryptoPuffs Marketplace and Gamification (in progress)
    • Build smart contract
    • Build front end
    • Build art
  • Write BlowFish lightpaper
  • Official listing
  • Launch event-time smart contract oracle
  • Dev AMA’s
  • CryptoPuffs V2 (in progress)


  • Auction NFT’s to raise donations for an ocean cleanup charity
  • Official PancakeSwap Listing
  • Website translations to multiple languages
  • Establish a charity partnership
  • Partnerships with similar projects
  • Transparent Pyramid DApp
  • Dice game DApp